Why OM Technologies

Technological Edge

OM Technologies prides itself for staying ahead on the curve regarding custom web design technology as well as software development life cycle (SDLC). Besides our veteran engineers that differentiate is from our competitors in all possible ways. We are continually leveraging the advanced technology to render the innovative web designs and software solutions.


Our hands-on experience in mobile app development and deployment of about 1000's of solutions over a period of 11 years has gifted us a special perspective towards application development. We have developed processes across years which support reducing development time and at the same time enhance quality.


Our power lies in the special talent and commitment of our team. With a development centric working environment we can be able to get the attention of and maintain the best of the talent.

Project Management

Project Managers working with us have minimum experience of 7 years and spans up to 12 plus years in the software development industry. A potential internal project management structure that was developed to match up with our business development model gives us a matchless edge with respect to maintaining plans and keeping our customers updated.

OM Technologies
Quality Control

The quality standards we implement are unparalleled by other similar businesses. At OM Technologies, quality control is an integral element of every phase of development process, a committed testing team works on finding bugs, usability issues and also universal compatibility.

Low Cost

Leveraging the incomparable management skills in one hand and the best coding skills in another hand, we can maintain costs low and steer high quality at the same time. The solutions we provide, empower long lasting value proposition with lifelong guarantee against errors and bugs.


We start with new and creative ideas with our customers in order to update and maintain their systems. We generate these ideas from your clarity on requirements and goals. We do everything to serve Your Purpose. This develops long term association making sure the solutions we provide suits to the dynamic internet and grow according to your business demands.