Voice of Workforce (VOWF) is an advanced web-based software that allow you create and distribute the surveys with large number of participants without any inconvenience. The main idea behind developing this software is to simplify the process of conducting surveys simply and efficiently.

The innovative interface of VOWF supports design of wide variety of surveys- right from simple surveys to most advanced surveys. The built-in survey templates and quick design tools make it easier for you to create any kind of survey in very less time.

Once survey is created, you can choose the options of email or website to distribute the survey to the participants. Furthermore, you can track everything about the surveys you created and get reports.

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Choose from variety of Question types.

There are around 30 formats to choose from. Select your question type from multiple choice questions to rate-it type of questions etc.

Compatibility with mobile

VOWF has the mobile features and mobile compatibility. It is of course a mobile friendly. Reach out your smartphone users spontaneously.

Control Your Template

Manage your own template. Getting control on it to increase your productivity.

Filter your Responses

You can filter or sieve out the responses. Responses you receive can be segmented as gender-based, time-based, location-based etc.

Customize themes

Customize your own module color themes that is pleasant to your eyes.

Easy Distributions

Send your surveys or market through different channels by via email or blog, social networking websites etc.

Generate Reports

VOWF help you view responses in multiple formats such as graphical representations, table format, percentage format etc.

Download Reports on Surveys

You can download reports on your surveys in MS Excel, or PowerPoint, CSV format etc.

Data Safe and Protected

Participant data is sensitive and private. We ensure it stays that way. VOWF technology is hosted in secure Tier One, Class A data centers.

Provide access to users.

You can have multiple users as well by adding them as an applications user.