OM Technologies provide a broad range of services needed to locate and provide database- steered IVR, mobile phone and web applications which facilitate you streamline business. The main goal of our telecommunication services is to support out client organizations develop into completely responsive to their client requirements- causing improved consumer loyalty, profits and retention. Our main focus is to support organizations invest on the value of their collected infrastructure, knowledge and data.

We have hands-on experience in helping customers start and extend call center, online business solutions, customer relationship management (CRM) with the help of packaged applications, custom-designed solutions and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Shedding light on the requirement to swiftly discern the reach of online business applications, Om Technologies expert business consultants start by supporting our customers locate, validate and line up their business goals with operational application specifications.


We at OM Technologies works in close collaboration with our clients to observe the current work flows, legacy systems and database structures in order to regulate the influence of adapting advanced technologies to enhance the business operations. Our associates will design a solution which certifies extensibility and interoperability and then work in collaboration with our developers in order to quickly develop a prototype that establishes functionality and feasibility. We crafted a migration strategy, thereafter develop a solution which suits to your organization.

At OM Technologies, we craft and integrate front office applications with the back office information- merging web applications and CRM with all the call centers and phone networks such that our customers can deliver best service to their customers (both internal and external) more easily adapting automated technology solutions. The services and solutions provides by us, employ a range of telecommunications implementing the advanced telephony and computer technologies to offer inclusive solutions- C++, CT-ADE (Parity/VOS), Sybase, Java, JSP, ASP, Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server.

OM Technologies project management experts take complete responsibility in performing a project right from the concept until deployment.In the world where high turn-around is vital to get success in business, it is very important, and OM Technologies is capable of offering such solutions.

Benefits of our Solutions

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems considerably reduces costs over customer service by

  • Inclusive inbound calling service

  • Extended hours of working (round the clock).

  • Automating daily tasks thus freeing agents to focus only on complex service needs.

  • Pacing up response time

  • Improving call capacity keeping costs low

  • Offering multi-lingual support

  • Diminishing the call center costs turnover

  • These advantages exhibits immediate ROI and make your business profitable. Our broad range of IVR applications include- Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Market Research Surveys, Customer Service, Lead Generation & Capture, Employee Benefit Surveys, Message & Recording Services, Voice Mail and Opinion Polls.