Corporate Social Responsibility

We at OM Technologies believes that being socially responsible is essential for any business. As a part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives we have served many people and organizations. The primary motive of our corporate social responsibility programs are to build a better society for the future.

We along with our employees contribute for the social development of villages and promoted education of poor people. Initially we identified the places where the literacy rate is low and then helped the economically challenged sections of our society to complete their education. In fact, we a team who takes care of all these activities.These activities are integral part of our corporate social responsibility strategy.

Being socially responsible and constantly participating in social events is a part of our business. We participated in many local and national level social welfare programs and have been playing active role in promoting child education. We distributed various things required for students such as books, bags, stationery to help economically challenged students. Also, we incorporated social responsibility in our strategies to contribute our part in social development. We extended our helping hands in case of natural calamities like Tsunamis, floods and so on. Our employees are enthusiastic and interested to participate in such activities.