Banking & Finance

OM Technologies is offering a Debt Management System called "Annecto DMS" that facilitates the debt collection accompanies as well as recovery agencies to collect the debts taken by the customers. In addition, our software solutions help businesses to streamline their corporate processes and optimize productivity.

The degree of flexibility offered by our platform and the in-depth knowledge of our experts allow debt management service agencies to quickly deploy the applications which suit their business with very less requirement for customization.OM Technologies worked with the industry-best providers of services involving advanced financial planning prototypes, integration of banking system, automated payment distribution systems etc.

OM Technologies has vast experience in financial and banking industry which facilitated us to accomplish excellence in the areas of internal processes, knowledge management as well as external relationships (partners, customers and suppliers) of our global customers.


Our proficiency in financial & banking industry comprising tools and solutions designed for:

  • Debt Management companies

  • Mortgage companies

  • Financial Planners

  • Recovery agencies

  • Financial Analysts & Advisors