Annecto DMS- an influential web-based Debt Collection Software developed by OM Technologies SDN BHD. Annecto DMS delivers value by critically improving total efficiency. Advanced workflow accelerates collections by allowing you form rules and manage instructions for all varieties of debts in your inventory. A few mouse clicks modifies work activity for particular creditors and debtors at multiple locations.

The Annecto DMS software is easy to use, but potential over job. The application's user interface (UI) will have common terms and task buttons to allow learning and performance. Whether you're collecting debts from 3 seats or 300 seats, Annecto DMS simply balances to meet your requirements. Our SQL database offers robust encryption, password-managed authentication, and strong performance for small, medium, or large collection processes. Annecto DMS integrates into almost all system environments with amazing speed. Operations take just few hours, not days/ weeks that's too without disturbing usual routine.

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Annecto | DMS is a Debt Management System can help manage collection agencies that results in "Less Work More Results". Suitable to support multiple type of financial institution in their debt collection. Works well for all type of users from Management to Staff. The concept and flow designed will drive every designation to work comfortably and easily maintain and manage files.

Save Time by enabling system to call new or old files. Phone Finder will call each contact numbers in the file. Accounts verification with Status "Yes" and "No" tagging will be made. Auto marking on contactable / un-contactable. This smart system enable tagging of Status Success for all numbers Ringing, Switched Off, Voice Mail and Not in Service. Auto remark on collectors screen also will be made.

Reliable for clients to check their file status live based on collection agencies performance. Web based feature enables client's to check updates of their files. Apart from that, the client access enables smoother action and process flow between clients and collection agencies.

Easy and User Friendly ready available in debtor screen for ease of usage of collectors. Select numbers and press call button. Easy and simple. Multi Functions and Flexible, users may choose preferred prefix to call from different running numbers. Hold and transfer call functions. Conference call with Managers is added advantage.

Machine will do the bulk calls and voice as per created template to deliver a message to debtors. Filter NEW, PTP and other important status and make calls. Accuracy 100% and you won't miss a file. Productive capability to make more calls and finish work in less time. Let the machine make reminder calls and collectors can run other files.

LIVE Field Visit Update enables FV officers to update remarks live and be seen instantly in collectors screen. LIVE Photo Syncs displayed in collectors screen. The process takes less time and faster progress in field visits. Completion of Field Visit can also be tracked.